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Most people would do anything for their loved ones — but sometimes they fail to consider how a lack of estate planning can seriously harm their family. Taking the time to consult an estate planning law firm is the only way to ensure that your family’s finances are protected, both before and after death.

The experienced estate planning lawyers at Copper Wren Law work with clients in Tempe and the surrounding areas to create estate plans and navigate the probate process.

Call Copper Wren Law today to learn more about how our Tempe estate planning law firm can help with your estate planning needs.

Tempe Estate Planning Legal Services

Estate law is a complicated area of law that determines how assets pass to heirs after a person’s death. The best way to ensure that your assets pass seamlessly to your loved ones is to work with an experienced estate planning attorney in Tempe, Arizona.

Tempe estate planning services offered by Copper Wren Law include:

The goal of working with a probate lawyer is to reduce the costs, stress, and hardship family members must deal with after a loved one’s death.

In cases where an experienced estate planning lawyer has not assisted in the creation of an estate plan, heirs typically need the services of a probate lawyer as an estate passes through probate.

Why You Need an Estate Planning Lawyer in Tempe

There are two main reasons to work with a Tempe estate planning lawyer: simplifying the process of asset transfer after your death and ensuring your loved ones are protected if you become incapacitated.

Protecting Assets

An estate lawyer helps you inventory and value assets, draft a will, create trusts, and arrange advanced care directives. With proper planning, you can ensure your estate is protected from taxation, debt liquidation, legal fees, and legal obstacles that rob your loved ones of their rightful inheritance.

A lawyer can identify whether a trust is an ideal option given the state of your assets. Trusts offer financial protection in a variety of forms. A trust administration attorney helps with maintaining your trust and overseeing changes and disbursements.

Planning for Incapacity

No one likes to consider incapacity, but it’s a necessary part of estate planning. Incapacity can occur due to certain illnesses, but it’s also a common outcome of serious injuries.

A car accident or medical event can leave you incapacitated without warning — and your loved ones need advanced directives in place to make medical decisions, pay for your medical care, and access assets in your name.

Working with Probate Lawyer

When someone dies, their estate typically passes into probate. This is the legal process of validating a will, inventorying assets, and paying taxes and debt owed by the deceased.

Thorough estate planning can help an estate bypass probate entirely, but when such plans haven’t been put in place, the deceased’s heirs will need the services of a probate lawyer.

In addition to the standard probate process, sometimes complications cause an estate to go into probate litigation. Issues that commonly lead to probate litigation include:

  • A contested will
  • An invalid will
  • Issues with the fitness of the estate administrator
  • Incorrectly titled property
  • Outstanding debts
  • Any other legal issues related to assets or family members

When an estate comes up against legal issues, heirs need a probate litigation attorney to protect their interests and reduce the risk of assets being lost or distributed in a manner contrary to the deceased’s wishes.

Consult a Tempe Estate Planning Lawyer Today

It doesn’t take much to put estate plans in place, but failing to do so can have life-altering consequences for a family’s finances.

The experienced estate planning lawyers at Copper Wren Law are ready to assist with your estate planning and probate needs in Tempe, Arizona.

Call Copper Wren Law today to arrange a consultation with an experienced Tempe estate planning lawyer.