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Probate Litigation

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Litigation is when we must seek the court system to resolve an issue. It can be emotionally draining, financially taxing and time-consuming. Probate litigation is even more so due to the circumstances surrounding any litigation. Probate litigation can drag on for months or even years depending upon the issues at hand and the reasonableness of the parties.

Issues that may require litigation include determining the validity of a will, the fitness of an appointment as a personal representative/executor, whether or not a beneficiary is a valid beneficiary, debts owed to or by the deceased person, issues with improperly titled property, or nearly anything else surrounding property, family, or estate planning.
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Typically, once litigation is initiated, there is a scheduling order created by the parties that outlines the discovery process. This process can move very slowly and includes many different events including but not limited to depositions, written discovery, subpoenas, and other investigation. Handling all of these without legal assistance is ill-advised and can result in irreputable damage to your position.

At Copper Wren Law, we will work together to ensure that all phases of litigation are handled in a professional and timely manner to present the best possible case for your position. We are committed to keeping our clients informed on the status of their matter, the items needed from them to continue, and next steps with possible outcomes. Our legal team will work with you to achieve your goals, while respecting the difficulties of your situation and respecting your budget. We do this through open and honest communication where we will provide you with all reasonable options and practical, pragmatic advice.
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