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Estate planning, as its name implies, is a process that involves assembling a plan for your estate following your death, but it also entails much more than that. From ensuring that advanced directives are in place in the event of incapacity to handling legal disputes over a will, an estate planning law firm will help you navigate any and all forms of arrangement and legal issues related to an estate.

Copper Wren Law is an Arizona estate planning and probate law firm. Our experienced estate planning attorneys work with clients in Gilbert, Arizona, to ensure that all matters related to estate planning, probating, and inheritance are well-planned and executed. Contact us today to learn more about how our estate planning lawyers can help protect your assets.

How a Gilbert Estate Planning Lawyer Protects You

Estate planning law deals with two central life events: incapacity and death. Most assume that incapacity is something that won’t happen to them, but it’s often one of those tragedies that they never see coming. Estate plans for incapacity can be likened to car insurance. Though you hope you won’t end up in an accident, you know your insurance will protect you if one occurs.

Similarly, while the majority of individuals don’t end up unable to make financial and medical decisions for themselves, you should still want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your finances and family will be protected should such a debilitating accident or illness occur.

When you don’t have estate plans in place, it becomes very difficult for your loved ones to pay for your care, make informed decisions on your behalf, or know your preferences for end-of-life care. It can also leave them without access to the assets you may have intended for them to make use of after your passing.

Gilbert Estate Plans and Legal Considerations

Probating is the legal process that an estate goes through after its benefactor dies. However, what an estate looks like afterward often depends on the quality of the estate’s plans, as it can be a lengthy, complex, and expensive process. It places your assets at risk of being drained away through taxation and legal fees, and if you leave debt behind, your entire estate can be liquidated, leaving nothing for your loved ones.

Even when such additional challenges don’t exist, the probate process can leave your spouse, children, or other dependents without access to the assets you’ve left behind, which can create undue financial hardship in a time already filled with grief.

If your estate does pass into probate after your passing, a probate lawyer can serve as your representative and handle the legal requirements on behalf of your grieving family.

While you’re still around, your probate lawyer will help you create estate plans that cannot be challenged by dissatisfied heirs while considering the many options that exist for allowing assets to pass directly to your inheritors without taxation.

Gilbert Estate Planning Services We Offer

The experienced estate planning lawyers at Copper Wren work with clients throughout Gilbert, Arizona, in a variety of areas related to estate planning laws. Some of these are as follows:

Whether you require a trust administration attorney to oversee your assets or a probate litigation attorney to handle a disputed will, our firm is ready to help. As a Gilbert estate planning law firm, the experienced team at Copper Wren Law knows what it takes to protect an estate from the many legal challenges it may face.

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No one prefers to spend time thinking about the possibility of death or incapacitation, yet making a point to proactively address these concerns is the only way to ensure your loved ones are protected.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting to make arrangements for yourself and your loved ones. Our Gilbert estate planning firm makes getting started with an estate plan a seamless process, which will grant you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your affairs are in order. Contact Copper Wren Law today to speak with an estate planning attorney in Gilbert, Arizona.