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Queen Creek Estate & Trust Lawyers

You spend your life working to provide for your loved ones — but that job isn’t done until you know that your hard-earned assets end up in the hands they’re intended for. Estate planning is essential for protecting your estate and your family’s financial future.

Copper Wren Law is an estate planning law firm that works with clients in Queen Creek and surrounding areas in Arizona. Our experienced estate planning lawyers assist in the creation of estate plans and help families navigate the complex probate process after a loved one’s death.

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Queen Creek Estate Planning Services

Estate planning law involves many different legal considerations.

You need an estate planning law firm to make plans for incapacity and how your assets will be distributed after your death. You also need an estate planning law firm to assist you with probate and legal issues that lead to probate litigation.

Queen Creek estate planning services offered by Copper Wren Law include:

An estate planning lawyer always helps to save your family from unnecessary costs and taxation and protects you in the event of legal issues.

You can speak with a Copper Wren Law estate planning attorney to learn more about how we can help with affairs related to estate planning and probate.

Estate Planning Protects Your Future

The primary goal of an estate plan is to protect your assets and your family. When you take the time to work with an experienced estate planning lawyer, you have the opportunity to identify potential issues and ensure that all matters related to your estate have been addressed.

Without estate plans in place, loved ones may have to wait many months to access the assets left to them as an estate falls prey to legal fees and taxation. When the deceased has debt in their name, an estate can be liquidated to pay off that debt — leaving their heirs with nothing.

An estate planning lawyer helps ensure that holdings and properties are arranged to pass immediately into the hands of loved ones without interference by a probate court. A trust administration attorney will advise on whether bank holdings, real estate, or other assets might be protected through the creation of a trust.

Estate plans also extend to protect an individual in the event of incapacity. No one expects to be involved in an accident that leaves them incapacitated, yet it happens every day.

Without estate planning documents in place, loved ones are often left with no way to make medical decisions, pay for care, or access the assets they relied on.

If you have assets and loved ones you want those assets to pass to, your age and state of health don’t matter — taking the time to make arrangements protects you and your family.

Working with a Queen Creek Probate Lawyer

Estate planning lawyers not only work with benefactors but also assist heirs after a loved one’s death. There are two primary reasons heirs need the services of a probate lawyer: probate and legal issues with an estate.

When estate plans have not been created to bypass the probate process, most estates pass through probate. Depending on the complexity of an estate, probate can become a costly and time-consuming process that significantly diminishes the assets left for heirs.

When legal issues like a contested will lead to the need for legal action, the services of a probate litigation attorney are needed.

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Copper Wren Law is a leader in Arizona estate law. Our experienced estate planning lawyers can help you and your loved ones plan for the successful transfer of assets,

and we’re here to support you when an estate encounters legal issues.

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