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Apache Junction Trust & Estate Lawyers

If you don’t know much about Arizona estate law, you might assume that your assets will pass to your loved ones after you die. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Failure to establish estate plans can seriously diminish your estate, leaving your loved ones without the assets meant for them.

Copper Wren Law is a leader in Apache Junction estate law. Our experienced estate planning attorneys help clients plan for the protection of their family’s finances and assist heirs when an estate passes into probate.

Contact Copper Wren Law today to consult an experienced Arizona estate planning lawyer.

How an Apache Junction Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help

Estate planning lawyers perform many tasks, from explaining options for arranging assets to serving as administrators of trusts.

The two main tasks estate planning lawyers assist with are creating estate plans and planning for incapacity.

Estate Plans 

Estate planning begins with a will — but it doesn’t end there.

If your assets aren’t properly valued and inventoried, your estate will face legal issues after your death. An estate planning attorney helps you do a comprehensive review of properties, holdings, investments, and other assets.

A lawyer assists with the creation of a will and advises you on whether one of the many types of trusts could help protect your family’s assets. If you do choose to create a trust, a trust administration attorney helps oversee the trust both before and after your death.

Incapacity Planning

Incapacity planning is an essential element of any estate plan. Incapacity refers to the inability to make legal and financial decisions for yourself.

Illness, medical events, and accidents are all common situations that lead to incapacity — often without warning. When you don’t have advanced care directives in place, incapacity can cause significant issues for your loved ones.

Your family may be left unable to make informed medical decisions on your behalf, may not be aware of your end-of-life preferences, and may not be able to access the assets needed to pay for your care.

Estate Planning Services Offered by Copper Wren Law

The experienced estate planning lawyers at Copper Wren Law assist Apache Junction clients in a wide variety of estate planning and probate concerns. Legal services we offer include:

You may have a general idea of your estate planning goals, but an experienced estate planning lawyer can examine your affairs and advise you on methods to help your heirs avoid taxation, liquidation, and probate delays.

Working with an Apache Junction Probate Lawyer 

Estate planning law extends to include probate and probate litigation. An estate planning law firm works with benefactors to set an estate in order — but heirs also need the services of a probate lawyer from an estate planning firm when an estate faces probate.

Probate is the legal process of settling the affairs of an estate. This includes validation of the will, paying taxes, and settling debts. If the deceased did not inventory and value assets, those steps are handled during the probate process. Generally, limited estate planning leads to a longer probate process.

In some cases, an estate may face additional legal challenges. Common issues that arise in the process of probate and asset transfer include:

  • Will contestation
  • Question of validity of beneficiaries
  • Issues with the fitness of an executor or administrator
  • Invalid will
  • Incorrectly titled property

Legal challenges such as these cause an estate to fall into probate litigation. In this case, heirs need the services of a probate litigation attorney.

Call an Apache Junction Estate Planning Law Firm Today

Copper Wren Law assists clients in Apache Junction with all aspects of estate planning.

Our estate planning and trust administration attorneys can help you create an individualized estate plan that will keep your family’s assets protected. Additionally, our probate lawyers are available to help family members navigate the complex probate process.

Call Copper Wren Law today to consult an experienced estate planning attorney in Apache Junction, Arizona.