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Estate planning is how you prepare for the future — when you can no longer make decisions and help your loved ones navigate challenges. Taking the time to create an estate plan ensures your assets pass seamlessly to your heirs and protects your family in the event of illness or injury.

Copper Wren Law is an estate planning law firm located in Mesa, Arizona. We work with clients in Mesa and several other Arizona cities to ensure that a family’s financial future is protected.

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Estate Planning Services We Offer in Mesa

Estate planning law encompasses many different legal services. At Copper Wren Law, we represent clients in Mesa in the following service areas:

  • Estate Planning: The creation of wills, trusts, and advanced directives
  • Probate: Representation of an estate in probate court
  • Probate Litigation: Representing heirs in legal issues related to an estate
  • Trust Administration: Overseeing trusts created by benefactors

The experienced Mesa estate planning lawyers at Copper Wren work with you and your loved ones to reduce difficulties and plan for the successful transfer of assets.

The Benefits of Estate Planning

Estate planning has many benefits and no downsides. Failing to make arrangements for your estate puts your assets at risk. Without estate plans in place, you essentially hope that the assets you’ve earned will end up in the right hands.

Estate planning lawyers work to ensure that there’s no uncertainty when it comes to asset distribution. They take inventory of your assets, create a complete will, and identify if a trust would benefit your family’s finances.

Trust creation can help your beneficiaries bypass taxes, legal fees, and other obstacles. Depending on the type of trust, a trust administration attorney can help ensure that properties, bank holdings, and other assets pass directly into the hands of your heirs.

Estate planning doesn’t just protect your loved ones after your death — it also protects you. Any estate plan should have advanced care directives and other legal documents that provide instructions, access, and legal rights to your loved ones.

If an illness or accident leaves you incapacitated, having an estate plan in place is the only way to ensure that your family members will be able to make informed medical decisions, respect your end-of-life preferences, and access the assets needed to pay for your care.

When Do You Need a Probate Lawyer?

Probate is the legal process an estate goes through before assets can be distributed to beneficiaries.

When well-crafted estate plans are in place, probate can be brief, informal, or bypassed entirely. However, when the necessary arrangements have not been made in advance, probate can be costly and time-consuming for your heirs. Probate opens an estate up to the risk of high taxation and liquidation to pay off debt.

Assuming that assets will be left over for beneficiaries once probate is complete, it may be many months until loved ones can access the money you assumed they would have immediate access to.

When an estate passes into probate, family members need the representation of a probate lawyer. A lawyer will handle required tasks like the inventorying and valuation of assets, payment of debts and taxes, and completion of the legal paperwork that must be submitted before assets can be released.

In some cases, an estate faces challenges that require a probate litigation attorney. Contested wills, issues with estate administrators, and incorrectly titled property are all common issues that lead to probate litigation.

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Copper Wren Law is a leader in Arizona estate planning law. Whether you’re hoping to create plans for your estate or you need legal representation during the probate process, our Mesa estate planning firm has the experience and skill you want when it comes to providing for your family’s financial future.

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